Today, the Group comprises of 11 subsidiaries operating in 6 industries. Based in Phnom Penh, SOMA Group companies now employs more than 2,500 staff countrywide. 

“Inspire and drive positive impact in society through sustainable solutions.” 

Soma Group Co., Ltd. values excellence and integrity in our companies and we promote a culture of shared values focused on the principle that we are here to serve real needs and solve real problems in Cambodia's promising industries.


Soma Group started as and remains a committed employer in the agriculture sector, a key driver of Cambodia’s current and future economy.

Soma Farm and C.A.D.I contribute world-class technological solutions and practices to the agricultural sector. We operate on a large-scale to have a significant and lasting impact in improving agricultural productivity, food security and the welfare of Cambodian farmers.



Soma Farm was established in 1999 in Takeo province, with the aim of  aiding the development of Cambodia’s agriculture sector. Operations are predominantly in Takeo and Kampot province.

We produce the highest quality fresh chicken eggs, fragrant coconuts, rise cattle and orchids. We comply  with international health and safety standards and use  state-of-the-art technology and best practices in our facilities.

All our products are distributed under the Soma Farm brand through  various channels including wholesale and retail.

“Locally grown, International quality. Quality you can trust.”


C.A.D.I Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between CP Group and Soma Group, under the entity of SM&CP MegaFarm

We are the biggest farm in Cambodia and Southeast East Asian region that is utilizing a modern agricultural technology and large-scale precision agriculture. 

We aim to make significant  advancements and impact on farming practices in the agricultural sector and food security.


APSARA RICE (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. located near the capital city, Phnom Penh, covers more than 36 hectares, equipped with the most modern rice processing machinery, full production capacity of 240,000 metric tons/year, paddy silos storing up to 18,000 metric tons, warehouse capacity of 30,000 metric tons, strict quality control and quality assurance system and reliable traceability system. We willing to be as " The state of the art " of rice industry in Cambodia.

Apsara Rice (Cambodia) Co.,Ltd. registered in Cambodia and is operated by the Charoen Pokphand (C.P) Group. C.P's experience and world-class facilities make it the world's Number 1 Thai Jasmine rice exporter, using C.P modern technologies, international standards of quality control and research and development, C.P is proud to introduce our unparalleled ROYAL MONGKUT rice.


Through the University of  Puthisastra, Soma Group also fosters the human capital needed to fuel this growth through  investment in Health Sciences and IT.


The University of Puthisastra (UP), founded in 2007, is a leading, internationally recognized, excellence in health science and technology, aims to train and inspire the next generation of doctors, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, midwives, laboratory technicians, computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs.

UP University prioritizes academic excellence and believes students should contribute to the development of Cambodia and the global community. Quality education is crucial for socio-economic development. With over 2,300 students, UP educates and trains skilled workers to become future leaders. The university has three core values: Honor Self, Respect Others, and Develop Society. They strive to uphold these values in all aspects of the university, including management, teaching, partnerships, and community engagement.


Cambodia’s booming cities are increasing the demand for beautiful homes, properties in thriving areas and exceptional experience. Real estate has hence, become one of the pillar for the local economic and social progress. 
Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host. As a local conglomerate, Soma Group is proud of its Cambodian’s root and is delighted to share through a singular service and Cambodian care with their very first Soma Hotel on the riverside.


Cambodia’s booming cities are increasing the demand for beautiful homes, properties in thriving areas and exceptional experience. Real estate has hence, become one of the pillar for the local economic and social progress. 
Hospitality is the relationship between the guest and the host. As a local conglomerate, Soma Group is proud of its Cambodian’s root and is delighted to share through a singular service and Cambodian care with their very first Soma Hotel on the riverside.


Soma Properties & Developments was established as part of  Soma Groups Hospitality & Real Estate Division in 2018. The new  Division aims to bring Soma’s vast experience and proven successes to Cambodia’s booming tourism and property sectors.
With a focus on property development and management, we have lofty intentions of reshaping Cambodia’s hospitality sector through a unique experience in our Soma Hotels - luxury boutique intending to expand into resorts and hostels - that will cater for the needs of residents and visitors through business, shopping, food & beverage, and tourism services.
Our goal is to become a premium player in this exciting and dynamic area and drive the development of Cambodian cities in  a professional, sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner.


Soma Group builds  Cambodia’s infrastructure through its construction, technology and energy subsidiaries in order to develop the structures needed to support Cambodia’s economic growth.



SOMA Construction & Development covers four main areas of operations:

1.  General Contractor 

2.  Design & Build 

3.  Design Consultant 

4.  Construction Project Management 

Our goal is to complete the project safely, economically, functionally, and creatively. To do this, we have recruited many talented people and cooperate with other construction and architecture companies

Within the last couple of years, the team completed several high-profile projects including JICA Granted Irrigation Projects, Siem Reap Water Supply Extension, AEON Mall Sen Sok, Phnom Penh International Airport Extension, The Heritage Walk, Lumiere resident etc.


(Cambodia) Power Transmission Lines Co., Ltd (CPTL), a local investment company, is set up to develop  power transmission network  in North-western Cambodia in 2006. An initial project, consisting of 221km of 115kV Transmission Lines and 3 Substations and 1 switching station, was undertaken on a 30-year Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) basis. 

According to CPTL’s existing projects as described in the introduction, specifically in Siem Reap and Poipet, the provinces encountered the challenge to demand a higher power supply. Following this, the RGC granted a concession arrangement resulting with a successful negotiation between the inter-ministerial committee and CPTL. This led to a Supplement Agreement (SA) between EDC and CPTL attached to the existing Power Transmission Agreement (PTA). The SA was signed between CPTL and EDC on February 6th, 2015. EDC accepted the Commercial Operation Date (COD) June 20th, 2016, and pays CPTL for the power transmission service on a lump-sum basis in a period of 22 years from the COD.

The project is part of the National Grid for North-western Cambodia and the future Greater Mekong Sub-Region (GMS) interconnection network  to enable power either from Thailand and other source transmissible to 3 provinces of Cambodia, including Banteay Meanchey, Siem Reap and Battambang.


Established in 2012, Soma Energy is one of the Soma Group’s strategic subsidiaries operating in the infrastructure industry, specialized in clean and sustainable energy.


In 2013, we completed a turnkey Biogas Power Plant construction for Battambang Agro Industry (BAI) in Battambang Province. In 2014, Soma Energy received a license to operate the Biomass Power Plant and 2016 a license for 5 MW Solar Ground Mounted to generate electricity power in Staung, Kampong Thom Province.


In 2019, 5MW of Ground Mounted Solar Project, endorsed by Electricity Authority of Cambodia (EAC), was developed. In 2021 the electricity was generated from this Solar Power Plant and synchronized to national MV Lines Kampong Thom Province.


Soma Energy also provides products and services for Power Solutions such as backup power generator set, MV power supplies, and solar system for commercial building as well as industrial zones.


Soma Kobelco Water Supply Co., Ltd. is an exciting new joint venture (JV) between Soma Group Co., Ltd. (Cambodia) and Kobelco Eco Solutions Co., Ltd. (Japan). Kobelco Eco-Solutions brings international knowledge and experience in water treatment technology and wastewater treatment systems to the JV.

The first water treatment plant (1,800m3/Day) was built in 2019 in Sangkat Koh Dach, Khan Chrouy Changvar, which is 12 km from Phnom Penh city center. By the end of 2023, the plant had already been upgraded to a capacity of 2,300m3/Day, providing safe drinking water to 3,200 connections / 4,900 households and covering an 85 km pipe network in Sangkat Koh Dach, Khan Chrouy Changvar, and Sangkat Oknha Tei, Krang Areikhsat.

In the near future, a second plant will be established in Svay Chrum District, Svay Rieng Province. According to the plan, it will supply drinking water to 3,800 households with a production capacity of 1,500m3/day.


Through Soma Trading, we aim to be one of the leading distributors and the best trading hub in Cambodia. 
To us, trading is about growing the market with the prospective of long-term relationship 
with all business partners and suppliers through professional people, distribution expansion services and customer service excellence


Soma Trading Co., Ltd began exporting rice in 2011. Choosing as gradual and focused development, Soma Trading Co., Ltd has built a strong reputation as a reliable trader and exporter of the best quality rice from Cambodia. In addition to rice, Soma Trading Co., Ltd has exported other agricultural products such as cassava and rubber.

Soma Trading Co., Ltd also functions as the Sales & Marketing farm for SOMA Group’s companies, such as the products from SOMA farm. Additionally, Soma Trading Co., Ltd is the Cambodian distributor for a variety of products, including ECASerel sanitary ware products, OWL and SUPER Instant Coffeemix, organic Aloe Vera drink, Papatonk and O’Garlos seafood crackers and recently we are appointed as distributor for hokka biscuits from Japan and Ock-Dong-Ja seaweed from Korea. 

With more international premium FMCG brands looking to distribute in Cambodia, including OCK-DONG-JA Seaweed, and Imperial Biscuits launching in 2019, Soma Trading is fast becoming the go to local partner.