The seeds of Soma Group were planted over twenty years ago and during this time we have grown into one of the most successful locally owned businesses in Cambodia. We are a socially conscious Group, proud of our Cambodian roots, and engaged in high impact sectors essential to the economic and social development of our nation.  




Over 20 years, Soma Group has grown into a highly diversified business group, guided by a commitment to operational excellence and a forward-looking approach.



Our Advantage      

Soma Group knows how to build businesses, expand market share, and create networks, while adapting to an ever-changing business environment and maintaining a competitive edge.

Our local market knowledge allows us to navigate the Cambodian business landscape and help our partners understand current and future market trends.

Soma Group believes that trust and transparency are essential for creating and strengthening the parnerships that will generate long term-growth for our partners and for Cambodia. 

Our process

Soma Group endeavors to be a partner and service provider of unrivaled integrity and productivity.

Our companies operate with agility, efficiency and transparency to achieve these aims, and this is reflected by our successes across the board.

By closely monitoring every level of our operations and employing standardized operational procedures, Soma Group's companies are encourage and guided to achieve excellence.

our philOsophy

Positioning Soma Group as the industry leader in each of our sectors is not an aspiration it is an expectation.

We believe business ethics and transparency are not mutually exclusive from profit, but rather are drivers of success.

Soma Group ensures integrity by investing in a sustainable future, nurturing potential, and building partnerships to find shared values.

We expect quality work from our people and reward achievement.

our practices

Soma Group's companies operates in sustainable and socially responsible manner.

We are committed to fostering and developing talented Cambodians. By building human capital we create a culture of sustainability and responsibility both in our internal operations and our external relationships with partners, suppliers, clients and customers.

We believe in respecting the individuals with whom we interact and this is borne our promotion of fair business practices and commitment to ethical competition.



At Soma  Group, we are passionate about our business, our people and our communities. We recognize that together we can be more. While a business is a community it must also acknowledge its responsibility to the wider world. Our Corporate Social Responsibility activities help us to make a positive impact to our communities and our environment.



At Soma Group we welcome and embrace creative and motivated talent to join a culture of excellence and positive where we value our employees and provide them the tools and environment to develop professionally.

Our staff are the foundation of our success, and we want them to grow with us. Learn more about our company culture and what makes us a great employer.




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