Soma Group has grown into a highly diversified business group, guided by a commitment to operational excellence and a forward-looking approach.

Soma Group  has ten companies, with core focus on six business sectors: Infrastructure, Agriculture, Trading, Education, ICT & Media and Hospitality & Real Estate. Our Group, works closely with our member companies to provide strategic business services ranging from Finance, Business Development, Human Resources and Communications.

Soma Group is always looking ahead to understand the economic and societal changes that will shape our business in the future and ensure that we move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. Recently we have expanded our operations and added two new subsidiary companies, taking the Group from eight to ten companies. We welcomed on board, Soma Kobelco Water Supply and C.A.D.I. Both of these companies are a JV with international organizations from Japan and Thailand bringing wealth of expertise, knowledge and international operating procedures.

For two decades, Soma Farm has worked to maximize the quality of its farm and livestock, bringing healthy and delicious products to our customers, including beef, eggs, coconuts and our specialty product, Soma Rice. Our focus is high-tech production and international health and hygiene standards for the most fresh, delicious, local and sustainable products.

Our commercial Real Estate & Hospitality interests are taking shape when Soma Group broke ground on the new Soma Hotel project in 2018. This venture is located on Phnom Penh's riverside and is set to transform and help regenerate the local area.

Meanwhile, our Soma Energy business that began with a focus on renewable energy has expanded to Energy solutions. We now provide backup power generators for commercial buildings and industrial zones as well as other energy solutions. In 2019, we are renewing our commitment to more sustainable energy sources by developing a 1.5 MW ground mounted solar project in Kampong Thom.

Our current diversified interests also include CPTL a power transmission line company as well as the University of Puthisastra and Soma Trading. We believe that local expertise and insight combined with international business standards encourage more strategic decisions and ensures operational efficiency.










CEO’s Message  

Soma Group has been in operation for many years in Cambodia. Our longevity in a broad mixture of business relies upon our ability to deliver outstanding quality and service. All Soma Group customers, partners and employees expect a high level of professionalism and trust from the Soma Group companies. At the end of the day our reputation is only as good as the last job and we know we must continually strive to be the best we can.   

A part of this is the ability to adapt quickly to an ever-changing business environment and maintaining a competitive edge. Our Group knows how to build businesses, expand market share, and create networks. Our local market knowledge allows us to navigate the Cambodian business landscape and help our partners understand current and future market trends.  

Soma Group aims to be a partner and service provider of unrivalled integrity and productivity. Our companies operate with agility, efficiency and transparency to achieve these aims, and this is reflected by our successes across the board. By closely monitoring every level of our operations and employing standardized operational procedures, Soma Group’s companies are encouraged and guided to achieve excellence. 

For Soma Group, a particular focus, is fostering and developing talented Cambodians. We aim to offer rewarding careers that enable our employees at every level to develop to their full potential. By building human capital we create a culture of sustainability and responsibility. Ultimately, our employee’s dedication and professionalism underpin our success. 

Krasna Cham

Vision, Mission and Values

Cambodia’s economy is thriving. Named as the sixth fastest growing economy in the world the outlook for the country is optimistic. For Soma Group to continue to prosper in this current climate we must look ahead, understand the business and societal changes that will shape our business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. Our Vision and Mission sets out what we want to achieve and how we plan to do it.






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              Meet the Executive Team 

              CHAM KRASNA 

              CEO, Soma Group

              UNG NARY 

              Chief Financial Officer, Soma Group

              HENG PHAN

              Chief People Officer, Soma Group 

              PHAL-CHALM THEANY, Ph. D. 

              Chief Legal & Compliance Officer, Soma Group

              TEA KALIANE

              Corporate Marketing and Communications Manager, Soma Group

              VATH VUTHA

              Information Technology, Soma Group

              Subsidiaries Executive Team 

              KUCH SOKPOUE

              CEO, Soma Trading 

              DR. CHEA CHANDARA 

              CEO,Soma Construction & Development

              MASAW ADISORN

              CEO, Soma Energy

              Prof. IAN FINDLAY

              President and Vice-chancellor, University of Puthisastra

              LIM BUNHOK  

              CEO, Soma Kobelco Water Supply