Soma Group started as and remains a committed employer in the agriculture sector, a key driver of Cambodia’s current and future economy.

Soma Farm and C.A.D.I contribute world-class technological solutions and practices to the agricultural sector. We operate on a large-scale to have a significant and lasting impact in improving agricultural productivity, food security and the welfare of Cambodian farmers.





The University of Puthisastra (UP), founded in 2007, is  a leading, internationally recognised University offering courses in Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing & Midwifery, Pharmacy, Lab Technology and IT.

The University has grown from strength to strength in the pursuit of academic excellence.   and believes that students should take part in, and take ownership of, the development of Cambodia and the global community. 

Quality education is a critical component of the country’s sustainable development and graduates with the UP advantage   will provide many positive contributions to Cambodia in the years to come .


Soma Property and Development was established as part of Soma Groups Hospitality & Real Estate Division in 2018. The new Division aims to bring Soma’s vast experience and proven successes to Cambodia’s booming tourism and property sectors. 

With a focus on property development and management, we have lofty  intentions of reshaping Cambodia’s hospitality sector, with a chain of Soma hotels boutiques, resorts and hostels that will cater for the needs of residents and visitors through business, shopping, food & beverage, and tourism services.

Our goal is to become a premium player in this exciting and dynamic area, and drive the development of Cambodian cities in a professional, sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner.  



Soma Group’s ICT and Media Division is actively involved in bringing the latest and most innovative technologies to Cambodia.  SM Waypoint,  is one of Soma Group's high-technology companies specializing in state of the art precision remote sensing across a variety of civil and commercial sectors.


Soma Group builds Cambodia’s infrastructure through its construction, technology, water and energy subsidiaries in order to develop the structures needed to support Cambodia’s economic growth.

Transmission Line & Energy

The opportunities presented by renewable energy and cleaner forms of conventional power are part of the Soma Group's core focus.

In Cambodia, we have built  a turnkey Biogass power plant construction for Kampong Thom Agro Industry in Kampong Thom Province and in 2019 we are developing a 1.5 MW ground mounted solar project in Kampong Thom.

Soma Energy is one of only two private sector players to supply solar energy into the Cambodia National Grid and to be endorsed by the Electricity Authority of Cambodia.

Construction & Development

Meanwhile, Soma Construction & Development provides services including architectural design, urban planning, engineering, construction  and  property development to clients across Cambodia. 

As a design and construction company, we are responsible for creating infrastructure that benefits Cambodian society, protects our environment, and fosters young engineers and architects to become leaders in their fields. 

Water Supply

We know that giving people basic access to clean water reduces disease, helps to boost economic growth of the community and contributes to poverty reduction, In  2018, we welcomed  Soma Kobelco Water Supply Ltd to the Soma Group family.

This joint venture between Soma Group and Kobelco Eco-Solutions (Japan) will bring safe drinking water to over 20,000 people / nearly 5000 households in Cambodia. The water treatment plant will be built in Koh Dach, which is  12km  from Phnom Penh city centre.


Soma Trading Co., Ltd. began exporting rice in 2011 and is known as a reliable trader and exporter of the best quality rice, fruits and other local produce from Cambodia.  

In mid-2016,  Soma Trading Company Co., Ltd.  extended its operations to import premium quality Food & Beverage products into Cambodia. We are now working with international brands including, OWL coffee, Super Coffee, Papatonk, O'Garlos, Hokka, Oriental Food and Aloe Drinks for Life to name but a few.

With more international premium F&B brands looking to distribute in Cambodia, including OCK-DONG-JA Seaweed, and Imperial Biscuits launching in 2019, Soma Trading is fast becoming the go to local partner.