Why choose SOMA Group

SOMA Group knows how to scale-up businesses, expand market share, and create networks, while adapting to an ever-changing business environment and maintaining a competitive edge.

SOMA Group’s local market knowledge allows us to navigate the business landscape and help our partners understand current and future market trends.

SOMA Group believes that trust and transparency are essential for creating and strengthening partnerships that will generate long-term growth for our partners and for Cambodia.

The Soma Group aims to be a partner and service provider of unrivaled integrity and productivity.  Our companies operate with agility, efficiency and transparency to achieve this objective.

Close monitoring from management at each level of operations and standardized operational procedures allow SOMA Group’s companies to achieve excellence.

Being the industry leader in each of our sectors is not an aspiration – it is an expectation.  We believe business ethics and transparency are not mutually exclusive from profit, but rather drivers of success.  Our partners and our community recognize our commitment to this philosophy.

SOMA Group’s management and employees value excellence and integrity.  The company seeks to pursue excellence by serving real needs and solving real problems.  SOMA ensures integrity by investing in a sustainable future, nurturing potential, and building partnerships to find shared values.

We expect quality work from our people and reward achievement.

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG):  SOMA Group is a leading Cambodian company, operating in a sustainable and socially responsible manner.  SOMA Group’s management is committed to creating opportunities for the talented Cambodians of this generation and for future generations by challenging employees and fostering human resources.  By building human capital and creating ambitious career paths for its employees, SOMA Group creates a culture of sustainability and responsibility both in its internal operations and its external relationships with partners, suppliers, clients and customers.

At SOMA Group, we uphold the highest level of personal and professional values in all our business decisions and interactions.  We believe in respecting the individuals with whom we interact and taking responsibility for all of our actions.  We promote fair business practices and compete in an ethical manner.

Our partners

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